Sony MDR-10RC Casque Traditionnel Filaire Noir

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Caractéristiques et spécifications de Sony MDR-10RC Casque Traditionnel Filaire Noir

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  • Ce casque supra-auriculaire léger, compact et pliable est disponible en trois séduisants coloris
  • Diaphragmes en néodyme de 40 mm
  • Gamme de fréquences de 5 Hz à 40 kHz
  • Design pliant et léger

Description du produit de Sony MDR-10RC Casque Traditionnel Filaire Noir

In search of the ultimate listening experience, Sony engineers have teamed up with the popular band: The Script. Their goal was to develop headphones that recording artists could trust. The MDR-10RC headphones are designed to be in tune with music, with a wide frequency range and high-resolution supported 40mm driver unit combining to deliver crystal clear, full-spectrum sound reproduction. From crisp vocal highs through to body-shaking bass lines — you’ll feel every note of every song as if you were there in the studio with your favourite artist. In short, these are headphones that recording artists can trust — and, more importantly, that music lovers can enjoy. Big sound doesn’t have to mean big, bulky headphones. The MDR-10RC headphones have been designed to offer the ultimate combination of comfort, style and portability — making them the ideal companion for those who live life on the go. The headphones are available in three colours (black, white, and red) and fold away neatly for an easy fit in any bag — and at a lightweight 165g, you can be sure that they won’t weigh you down. Compact doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort either. The padded wraparound headband and cushioned on-ear cans deliver a stable fit, ensuring you can listen to your favourite tracks for longer. So whether you’re commuting, exercising or just out and about, with a pair of MDR-10RC headphones you’ll never be far away from great sounding music. The MDR-10RC headphones love bass almost as much as you do. How do we know? Because every aspect of the headphones has been crafted with heavy-hitting bass lines in mind. Whether it’s clubland hits or powerful pop, the headphones’ closed-back, on-ear design gives every sub-thump an immediate, punchy impact. And with the power of a dynamic 40mm neodymium driver unit at their core, you can be sure you’ll feel every kick, drop and bass wobble. When it comes to your smartphone, you shouldn’t have to choose between listening to music or making calls. Thankfully, the MDR-10RC headphones are supplied with a detachable inline remote and microphone, so you’re free to switch seamlessly between the two. Whether you’re pumping up the volume on your favourite song or calling your friend to tell them about it, you’ll be able to do so without having to unplug your headphones. Ready to head out or head home? Fold up your MDR-10RC headphones and slip them into the supplied pouch. Not only is the pouch a stylish, convenient way of carrying them around town, it’s also a handy protector from the accidental scuffs and scratches that can happen when you put headphones in your bag. With the pouch in hand, you can leave the bag at home and travel light.

Détails Info produit

  • Marque Sony
  • Couleur noir
  • Type de casque supra aural
  • Connexions Filaire
  • Longueur de câble 1.2 mètres
  • Fonctions Sony MDR-10RC Casque Traditionnel Filaire Noir
  • Résistance 40 ohm
  • Appareils compatibles Null
  • Garantie constructeur Garantie Fabricant: 1 an(s)

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