5 Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Pots

Growing tomatoes in pots can be rewarding if done right; but it can also be disastrous if the wrong approach is used. Tomatoes are not the easiest plants to grow, but they are surely a favorite for many gardeners. The good news is you don’t need to dedicate a large space of your garden to grow tomatoes. You can utilize a small space in your backyard or use containers to grow

7 Reasons to Use Straw Bale Gardening to Grow Your Food

Using the straw bale gardening system for growing your own food has far reaching benefits over traditional vegetable gardening and ensures a growth of vigorous healthy plants for you and your family. Once the straw bale garden is set up, it takes far less maintenance from you on a day to day basis, because it cuts out the need for endless weeding, and given our busy lifestyle this is a huge bonus. As

Staying Calm Through Chaos – One House Sells, And A New Life Begins

It happened. Less than one month after going on the market – our current house is now under contract, and with that, the move to the farm and the building of the simple house is full steam ahead! We are so excited to now start work on the Simple House at the farm We have affectionately dubbed 2016 as the “Year of Chaos.” On a mission to downsize and simplify our

5 Great Gardening Tips for New Gardeners

It’s nearly impossible to believe that in just a few weeks, we will be heading into our 6th planting season at the farm. That is of course if Mother Nature finally starts figuring out that planting a garden actually requires warmer temperatures without snow in the forecast! Keeping gardening manageable is the key to keeping it fun. (Photo Credit Udra11/Shutterstock) The past 6 years have taught us quite a bit about

7 Nifty Garden Tricks To Try This Year!

It’s almost time for the garden to go in – and if you are anything like Mary and I – you’re more than ready to put winter behind and get those plants in the ground! It wont be long until tomato season! (Photo credit – Shutterstock / Fotokostic) It seems like each and every year, we find at least one new tip or trick from fellow gardeners to try out in

How to Grow Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden the Easy Way

There are many ways to grow you very own medicinal garden. Many choose the simple way and just go with a space in their yard a bit hidden and out of the way. In fact herbs can be grown almost anywhere, not just in the vegetable garden bed, the best way is to find a space or area where they can grow healthy. All plants have specific requirements that they need

Overnight Bread and Butter Pickles – No Canning Required!

Overnight Bread and Butter Pickles – Delicious!!! Have you ever wanted to make Bread and Butter Pickles but you thought all homemade pickles had to be canned? Well, I have terrific news, you can make your own pickles and there is no canning required! I have to admit, I have always been a dill pickle girl.  I would grab a jar of whole dill pickles after school and eat the whole

A Guide to Container Gardening

Container gardening is one useful method of growing both ornamentals and vegetables when you possess little or no yard. Whether you have a compromised soil or enjoy moving plants from one place to another, this is the kind of gardening you should embrace. This is an ideal food producing method for people living in apartments. Vegetable container gardening can bring bounty and joy. The ultimate pleasure of biting into a tomato still

Facts and Information about Permaculture Gardens

Permaculture principles refer to a lifestyle philosophy that is based on creating a self sustaining and permanent agriculture. It was started in the early 1970s in Australia by Bill Molisson and David Holmgren after witnessing the destruction of natural systems by humans. They analyzed how ecosystems work and what keeps them in balance (self sustainability). A permaculture garden aims at creating a habitat and not just a garden as such. This garden

3 Must Have Kitchen Tools For This Summer!

As the weather begins to warm and thoughts of grilling out and eating fresh meals from the garden dance around in my head, I knew it was time to review the 3 most commonly used kitchen tools in our house each summer.   You may have one or two of these, and possibly all three. But one thing is for sure, each one is crucial for us getting through the summer

Bialetti M.Caffe 'Espresso / Capsules 20Bar Mokona Plus Argent

Caractéristiques et spécifications de Bialetti M.Caffe ‘Espresso / Capsules 20Bar Mokona Plus Argent Produit: Espresso coffee machine Designer: Bialetti Design Material: Methacrylate Dimensions: L.31,5 P.28 H.40 Caractéristique: Trivalent system (works with ground coffee, ESE pods and Bialetti’s capsules) – Steam wand for cappuccino – Pressure 20 bar Description du produit de Bialetti M.Caffe ‘Espresso / Capsules 20Bar Mokona Plus Argent Bialetti m / café mokona cf40 nouveau modèle d’argent de couleur